What to Eat?

Malibu Diet has 3 simple rules:

  • Don’t consume cholesterol
  • Stay away from artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners
  • No oils which are 100% fat with no nutrients

For meals, think in terms of base foods and toppings or fillings.  With these ingredients you can make a huge variety of dishes from veggie burgers, wraps, tacos, chili, burritos, quesadillas, pizza, subs, sandwiches, stir-fry, stuffed peppers, stuffed potatoes, stews, casseroles, lasagna, pasta dishes, pasta salad, noodle or rice bowls, soups, salads… the options are endless.


Pasta Pizza crust
Noodles Tortillas
Couscous Taco shells
Rice Buns, breads
Other grains Oats/oatmeal
Potatoes Lettuce, greens
Sweet potatoes Veg Broth


Beans Nuts
Lentils Seeds
Chili Herbs/Spices
Veggies, cooked Vegan cheese
Veggies, raw Corn
Quinoa Olives
Vegan meats Fruits


Salsa Mushroom gravy
Guacamole Marinara sauce
Hummus Curry
Soy sauce Nut butters
Teriyaki sauce Jams/jellies
BBQ sauce Maple syrup
Vinaigrette Mustard/Ketchup

If possible, do your food shopping at natural food markets such as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, farmers’ markets and the like, and stay away from conventional supermarkets that sell thousands of toxic, unnatural foods.  This way of food shopping may be slightly more expensive, but you’ll make up for it in money saved from drugs, vitamins, and doctors. In general, a plant-based diet is less expensive than a meat/dairy diet anyway. If you must shop at a conventional supermarket, concentrate on the produce department and when buying packaged foods, choose ones that are labeled “organic” otherwise you’ll be getting toxins.  It’s also important to support your local farmers when you can, by buying local, organic, in-season produce.

When to Eat

It’s best to eat every 3 hours from 7am to 7pm with a 12 hour fast from 7pm-7am.  Make sure to eat enough at meals to tide you over and try to eat real food for snacks instead of junk foods. Main meals shouldn’t go over 400-500 calories unless you are very tall or very active.

7am – Snack or Breakfast
10am – Breakfast or Snack
1pm – Lunch
4pm – Snack or Dinner
7pm – Dinner or Snack

Below we list some of our favorite meals and remember to take your B12! The only vitamin supplement you must take.