The Risks & Benefits of Sensible Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

We don’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils: skin cancer versus internal cancers from vitamin D deficiency. Read full article: Is the Risk of Skin Cancer From Sun Exposure Overblown? More information: and and How Not to Die and How Not to Die Cookbook, a New York Times bestseller Related article: The chemicals in sunscreen…

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Luxe Lotion – Hyaluronic Acid Luxurious Face, Neck & Hand Moisturizer

luxe lotion

This lotion feels incredible! Luxe Lotion was created for health-purist and label readers like you. Luxe Beauty products are formulated with high concentrations of effective ingredients to awaken your skin’s natural glow.  The entire skincare line is bottled in Italian glass so no plastic chemicals contaminate the product that touches your skin. No GMOs, No Silicones, No Phthalates, No Parabens,…

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